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Elite Treatment Care Plans

Servicing Boiler Boiler Plus Plumbing Plus Elite 360
Fully qualified engineers
Annual boiler service or CP12 for landlords
Discounted labour rates on future work
Empty central heating filter
Air out radiators and balance system
Check controls and thermostats
No unexpected repair bills
Boiler replacement cover
Boiler breakdown repair
Time and temperature control replacement
Central heating pump
Motorised valves
Radiators and valves
Hot water cylinder
Heating system pipework
Hot and cold water pipes
Cold water tanks
Toilet breakdowns
Silicone sealant
Ball valves and float valves
Stopcocks and gate valves
Above ground drainage
Unlimited call outs
48hr response time**
Prices From*** STS* STS* STS* STS* STS*

*price subject to survey

**Response times may vary during busy periods

***Based on all elements of system in excellent condition

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